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JB SERIES Small Type Horizontal-lift Half-tone Printing Machine
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  • JB SERIES Small Type Horizontal-lift Half-tone Printing Machine

JB SERIES Small Type Horizontal-lift Half-tone Printing Machine

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It is mainly for printing on small size film/sheet/board, such as FPC, IMD, MEMBRANE, Mobile glass, PC 
glass, Solar silicon chip, biological test piece, OPTO- Electronics, Electric elements etc.


1.High precision printing stainless steel table, ensure the precision of printing substrate; 
2.The controller is DC motor with high precision lead-rail which driving screen vertical up-down structure running fast, silence and smooth, which is much better than servo-motor . 
3.The up-down of screen frame adopts SEW gear reducer motor from Germany, work with advanced high course transmission screw and encoder , the running speed is high and location is extremely exact.
4.Vertical slide set structure adopts linear lead-rail and a integrated aluminium alloy structure, which improve the precision and durability, the load bearing strength is strong, stable and silent.
5.Screen carrier is designed as active and cantilevered, shift and adjustment easily;
6.Escape oiling type three point combination which doesn't have exhaust, oil pollution, suitable for using in clean indoor
7.Electric type structure, little gas exhaust, 1/2HP air compressor can drive, save energy conversion cost 30% for long time use.
8.HMI for digital control plus multi functions make the operation conveniently;
9.Saftey bar/emergency stop push button ensure the safety of operator .


Model JB-25CA JB-45CA
Max. Printing acreage 200×250 300×450
Max. dimension of the frame 380×530 500×750
Min.dimensions of the frame((mm) 240×350 250×550
Dimensions of the workbench(mm) 250×400 400×600
Capacity (P/h) 800 800
Printing blade speed (mm/sec) 100-500 100-500
Frame height (mm) 20~30 20~30
Printing thickness(mm) ~ 50 ~ 50
Frame rising height (mm) 300 300
Frame adjust scope (mm) ± 10 ± 10
Power source 1P 220V 50/60Hz 0.83Kw 1P 220V 50/60Hz 0.83Kw
Air source 5-7Kgs/cm2 0.52 L/cycle 5-7Kgs/cm2 0.52 L/cycle
Weight 190 250
Dimension(W×D×H mm) 690×630×1600 940×710×1620
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