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High-precision Screen Printing Machine
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  • High-precision Screen Printing Machine

High-precision Screen Printing Machine

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  Description  It is suitable for uneasy deformed material to make flat net printing of membrane, card, sheet panel etc, such as dull polish for packaging box, frost flower wrinkle convex oil etc packaging, and various china decal flower, non-adhesive paper, decal printing for automobile and motorcars, bicycles etc.

1.A1 Servomotor is introduced to control the printing process;A2 General motor control the printing process;
2.Immediately form the network structure and operation of synchronous scraper at the same time;
3.Pneumatic locking net frame;
4.Inverter drive printing;
5.Unit allocation security protection devices; 
6.Aluminum ramps arm;
7.The movement of scraper, ink covering, blades and screen departure is controlled by pneumatic parts.
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